A Rhythm Through The Word


April 2016


Life is short  you’ll never know tomorrow

Life is devastating for those who don’t believe

Behind happiness there must be a sorrow

Until we find the way to relieve

How many times you’ve been told

Everyone is turning back on you

You don’t have to use a blindfold

To test the people who don’t have a value

Someone used to become a betrayer

Someone used to become a puppet

The best one you have is the closer

The easiest way  to shot with the bullet


by. nathdeam




We up all night we put our phone on ear

We climb to the dark someone might be hear

You talk slowly saying that you love me

You blow a kiss in the air thinking about me

You’ve told me everything

We dream about every little thing

We promise to stay forever together

We getting complete one another

When you tell me to get over  I feel like a clown

I ain’t sad i just sick with the breaking down


by. nathdeam





She live yet she die

She always running out of her time

She always want a happiness

She can’t buy happiness she can’t buy anything

She sit and sleep she keep doing all that shit

She tired but she’s hoping for that day

She need help yet nobody care

She start to cry and sleep with swollen eyes

She eat but yet unhealthy

She saw everything that heart breaking

She is sick she’s crawling over her pain

She need help yet no one there

She has a family yet she’s lonely

She has a parents yet she’s ignored

She left by her friends

She try to live she’s in love

She’s strong but she’s getting weak

She need help yet nobody there


by. nathdeam



Kata adalah sebuah ekspresi dari semua emosi dan pikiran.

Kata mengalirkan segala persepsi manusia.

Kata bukanlah sebatas nadi komunikasi

Namun kata merupakan alunan sastra dan eksistensi

There are no words to explain until the emotion become a tear

There are no reason to tell why this blog were create this year

by nathdeam

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